Tengeru Village School -
Tengeru Village School (recently changed from Meru View Day School) was created by Baba Juma in a village called Tengeru just outside Arusha. Baba Juma saw the need for change with the accumulation of children who didn't attend the school and would spend their days unattended and bored. The idea was to create a school where these children could gain a chance for a better future.This idea was met with support from his friends, family, and community and the result of this is a lovely three room school house where children ages three to seven year olds can come and begin their learning experience. All of the lessons and most of the instructions are taught in English. This English based curriculum was a courageous move by Baba Juma because traditionally in Tanzania English is not introduced until secondary school. Introducing these children to English earlier in their learning careers allows them a better chance to excel rather than fall behind as they progress in their education level.

Volunteer Opportunities: 
Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm to help with the following things:  
  • Teaching English, Basic Math, Science, Arts and Personal Development
  • Coordinating play activities that help them to learn key skills
  • Establishing creative arts programs
  • Help with lunchtime feeding and cleaning
  • Building/construction (opportunities vary by need/funds)
In the future we would also like to run village education programs and other health programs with the kids at the school.

Recent Developments:
Volunteers spend a great deal of time teaching the children and helping those who need extra attention. They have also created sports days and competitions with other local children in the community.

Along with the work they are doing in the classroom, volunteers have recently done a range of renovations at the project thanks to generous donations. The volunteers have:
  • Cleared the land and built a playground
  • Knocked down the old kitchen and rebuilt a new, properly functioning kitchen to provide good quality and healthy meals for the kids
  • Rendered and painted new buildings
  • Cleaned, tiled and painted the toilets to make them sanitary and usable
  • Cleaned and painted parts of the existing classrooms
  • Built and painted a fence around the playground
  • Built a chicken and goat pen
  • Bought 2 milking goats
  • Created a food program so the children now get porridge when they arrive at school and lunch before they go home. This may be the only food the kids eat all day
Future Plans:
We have recently acquired a new property for the school that still needs a lot of renovation. It is double the size of the previous school which is great for the students and allows the classes to fit the correct number of students and space for the staff to do their reporting effectively.
Volunteers are working to re-build toilets, build a small kitchen, and re-paint the gate and fences. Fund and help are needed to complete this project.

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Pippi House

Pippi House is safe home for girls aged 9 -24yrs who are not attending school. There are many reasons why these girls are unable to attend school which all relate back to severe poverty. Many of the girls were orphaned or abused and some were forced into prostitution or slave labour. There are currently 10 girls living at the home.
When they arrive at Pippi House the Director attempts to secure funding for them to attend school. They are given extra help and support as many of the girls find the transition into 'normal' school life very difficult due to their past experiences and they need help to meet the standards of other students.

Volunteers are needed for:
  • Teaching English
  • Private tutoring
  • Planning and coordinating fun and socially beneficial activites for the girl
  • Basic Maths, Arts and Crafts classes
  • Play games
  • Cooking Classes
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Basic computer skills
  • Helping the girls learn to touch type
  • Health Education
*Volunteers need to be sensitive and patient with the girls as they have endured horrific circumstances in their lives.

Recent Developments:
Recently money has been raised to buy new bedding and sheets for the centre and ultimately they would like to expland so they can take in more girls. But volunteers are currently working to improve fundraising efforts and help the Pippi House raise money for food and healthcare for the girls which is often in need of more funds. If you would like to help, but cannot come to volunteer now, you can send us a message for more information on how you could help to buy food for Pippi House for a day, a week, or a month even! Even a few dollars make a great difference.

They also have a small shop where they sell goods to help support the organisation but they certainly need more support.

St. Dymphna Special Needs School -

The St Dymphna Special Needs Centre is a learning centre for children and young adults with special needs, ranging from Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, dyslexia, slow development and intellectual impairments. The ages range from 3 years to 22 years. Established in 2002 by Mary Kaswende, St Dymphna sits under the shadow of Mt. Meru in the peaceful yet accessible area of Kwa Iddi. Recent studies show that only 8% of children with special needs have access to education, but the most shocking fact is that the majority of these children are being subjected to abuse, abandonment, and increasingly death at the hands of their own parents or communities. For all its beauty Tanzania still suffers from a devastating shortage of people who understand or are prepared to care for these children.

St Dymphna Special School, Arusha, is one of the few places which truly appreciate the potential of these children, and their rights to a better quality of life. They work hard to provide an environment in which these children feel safe and loved. They offer education and help them to learn the skills for self-care and self-employment. They work with families to provide support and promote understanding. 

The school never stops striving to:
  • Raise public awareness of the care and education available to people with Special Needs
  • Promote a culture of acceptance and social responsibility towards people with Special Needs
  • Encourage the integration of people with Special Needs in the community through awareness, acceptance, education and employment
  • Enable people with Special Needs to function independently within their communities
  • Assist children and families through the needs assessment and identification in order to create and implement an educational plan
  • Provide and foster and atmosphere that will lead to confidence and independence in mobility, self care and employment 
About the Project Director: Mary Kaswende has worked for many years a primary school teacher and teacher trainer in the field of Special Education. She was inspired to open the school after recognising the need not only to appreciate and develop the potential of children with special educational needs, but also to raise awareness of this potential in the local community. Mary specialises in intellectual impairment and autism in Tanzania and Kenya.
Volunteer Opportunities:
Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm to help with the following things: 
  • Teaching disabled or intellectually impaired children ranging from 3-22yrs
  • General painting and cleaning around the centre
  • Construction work
  • Teaching vocational training skills to the older students such as tailoring, jewellery making, batiks and computer skills
  • Organising sports activities
  • Assisting with home visits
Current Developments:
Volunteers from Ujamaa Hostel have been involved in construction works at the centre, painting and plastering and putting doors and windows into classrooms as well as improving the playground area for the children.
Fundraising efforts have helped St. Dymphna's to secure a small bus to pickup children each day who live farther away. However, the bus is in need of a few repairs and also a yellow bus paint job, but then it will be ready for the road!
The Dymphna Special Needs Centre is currently trying to raise funds for the following:
  • Minor repairs and a paint job for the newly acquired school bus
  • Water catchment system including guttering and large poly tanks
  • Improving the playground area
  • Improved teaching resources for the centre  
  • Completing the current building projects including the second storey workshop seminar hall and head mistresses office and 3 storage rooms
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Neema House Baby Home - Neema House

Neema House was founded in June 2012 by Michael & Dorris Fortison and Claire Upshall with the purpose of caring for orphaned, abandoned and at risk babies up to the age of 5 years. They are a Tanzanian NGO and project of Doulos International, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation in the U.S.

Neema House is "more than an orphanage" in several ways:
  • Their first goal is to provide for babies at the most vulnerable time in their lives
  • Their second goal is when babies are old enough and strong enough, they seek to reunite the babies with family members. When this is not possible they seek for them to be adopted or placed with a suitable organisation
With a staff of nannies, they provide round the clock care for the babies which includes food, clothing, housing, medical treatment, recreation and education. The extended staff includes a manager, housekeeper/cook, grounds keeper, driver and security personnel.

Neema House also provides assisted home living in some circumstances by the provision of infant formula, food, clothing, training and supervision. They also seek to empower women through education, training and micro-finance loans. They have partnered with Aubree Packard whose "Walk in Love" outreach program addresses this.

Volunteer Opportunities
7 days a week from 8am - 4pm to help with the following things:
  • Play with the children
  • Help feed the children
  • Provide one on one attention and care to the children
  • General administrative duties
  • Organising sports activities

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Gloryland Prep School -

Gloryland School was set up in 2010 and provides education to 42 students aged from 3 to 7 years old.
The school, set up by teacher Asnath gives the children a grasp of english, mathematics, kiswahili, science and art to set them up for attending primary school.

Gloryland takes in children whether they can afford to pay school fees or not. For this reason and because the cost of fees is very low, the school has very little money to buy materials, equipment or to decorate the school.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteers can go to Gloryland Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm and help with the following things:
  • Teaching English, Maths, Science, Health and Arts
  • Coordinating play and sports activities
  • Helping with cooking, feeding and cleaning
  • Assisting with small building/refurbishing projects
Fundraising is needed to help with supply the following things to the school
  • Proper walls for some of the newly-rendered classrooms
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Craft supplies
  • Paints
  • Paper
  • Sports equipment
  • Chalk
  • Uniforms for some students
  • Educationonal posters to decorate the walls
  • Kitchen

Future Plans:
  • We would like to create a food program so that the kids can receive 2 full meals a day
  • More classrooms have been rendered to meet the need for spaces a growing student body and we currently are raising funds to build proper walls for the new classrooms (currently blue-tarped walls and wood) to provide a better learning environment
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Ujamaa Children's Home -
Ujamaa Hostel is very excited to have opened our own project! We have 5 amazing children, however our goal is have at least 12 children to expand further in the future. 
283539_10151185141841.jpg - large Ujamaa Children's Home provides long term care for  orphaned children in Arusha, Tanzania. Our goal is to raise these beautiful children in a safe and loving family environment and to give them the best possible opportunities for their future. These children are not just another number or any other child in an orphanage, these children are the future of Tanzania and we believe that after enduring the hardships of being orphaned they deserve the very best home and a chance live happy and fulfilled lives as adults.
We will see them through their Primary and Secondary Education and then help them with further study and support them as they make their way out into the world as adults. A family doesn't stop supporting a child just because they turn 16 and neither will we! This home is a long term commitment and we are excited and dedicated to see these children grow into the exceptional adults we know they have the potential to become.Like any family, we will stand by each other through life!
The Ujamaa Children's Home runs on the support of Sponsors and Donors as well as with the help of Volunteers. We are different from other organisations because we have absolutely no administrative costs.Our Directors and Board Members all work for the home on a volunteer basis and therefore we can guarantee that every cent donated goes directly to the home. The only paid staff we have are the Tanzanians who work at the home on a daily basis, all other funds go to support the children.
Volunteer Opportunities:
Monday to Friday 2.30pm - 5.30pm and Saturdays 10am - 4pm to help with the following things:
  • Basic English, Maths, Arts and Crafts classes
  • Play games
  • Cooking Classes
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Helping the kids with their school work
  • Basic computer skills
  • Helping the children learn to touch type
  • Health Education
Even though there are only 7 children at the centre - they LOVE having volunteers come to visit them. It's a fun and safe place where you can make a strong connection with a small number of kids and stay in contact with them throughout their lives!
Needs for the Home:
Ujamaa Children's Home is raising money to get all the basic needs of the kids covered and to pay for school fees.
We are currently renting a house for the kids to live in but our aim is to buy land and build a home. We need to raise a large sum of money to do this and any help would be greatly appreciated!
There are more details about the needs for the centre on our "Links & Wishlists" page.

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Kimonduli Lutheran Primary School

A great option for those who want to work with slightly older kids in a more structured environment. They are in need of good Maths and English teachers. You don't have to be a professional teacher, just be willing to get in there and give it a go! Our volunteer coordinator can take you to the project or you can contact them directly to organise your volunteering.
Head Teacher: Madam Liz +255 756 261 081 or email Mr Augusty:
The Umoja Centre -

The Umoja Centre is a youth development and education organisation located in Njiro, Arusha. They administer free holistic educational and support programs specifically designed for disadvantaged youth who have fallen out of the formal education system. The program consists of a Foundation Year during which students are instructed in English, IT and Key Skills. They are also given access to information and resources which help them to care for their physical and emotional wellbeing. Once they have successfully completed the Foundation Year, students become part of the outplacement Scheme whereby they are placed into the mainstream education system or vocational training. Umoja then supports its students through job applications into new careers which will allow them to provide effectively for themselves and their families. 


Their visions is to see young people in Tanzania educated, empowered and living free from poverty, abuse and exploitation.


Volunteer Opportunities:

The Umoja Centre is supported by international and local volunteers who assist with a range of tasks including fundraising, teaching, managing the sponsorship program, providing IT support and a variety of business and administrative roles. Volunteers play an incredibly important role in ensuring Umoja's ability to provide free education to the disadvantaged youth of Tanzania. Volunteers compliment the local team of staff and do not take employment opportunities away from Tanzanians.


They welcome skilled volunteers in the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Teaching/ Teacher training
  • IT
  • Medical Assistance / Training
  • Counselling and nursing
  • Youth/Social Work
  • Marketing 
  • Business / entrepreneurship
  • Administration and Accounting

There are also opportunities to assist with tutoring students who are struggling and teaching spoken English.


If you want more information, or are interested in volunteering at Umoja, contact Caroline Goody at

Umoja is open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm so please contact Caroline to arrange a time to visit the school and see how you can help out!


Umoja greatly appreciates any contribution from volunteers and those staying at Ujamaa Hostel. Items which are particularly necessary include:

  • School back packs
  • Mobile phones
  • Clothes suitable for youths aged 15 to 25
  • General school supplies

You can also contact them to find out what Umoja needs most at a particular time.


Sponsorship opportunities:

If you would like to contribute financially, Umoja is currently making a special appeal for sponsors for students involved in our Outplacement Program.  They aim to assign two sponsors for each of their bright young stars. Sponsorship ensures each Umoja student receives free education, food and welfare needs (including medical support.)

The sponsorship rates are $40 AUD / USD, £25 per month. Give up a couple of lunches or a night out for them! You could always share sponsorship with a family member or friend.  If you are interested, please contact


Fundraising opportunities:

Organising a fundraising event is a fantastic way to contribute to Umoja, as they use money raised to meet the shortfall from student sponsorship.  Fundraising ideas include hosting an event or sale, a raffle or auction, morning tea or dinner, tournament or facilitating company giving.  Your fundraising activities must be approved by Umoja before you start so that they can satisfy government regulations regarding fundraising and ensure that all money raised is going to Umoja.  If you have ideas and want to get involved, please email them:


Check out The Umoja Centre on Facebook

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Medical Placements


We do not directly manage Medical Placements, however we have had many medical practitioners staying at the hostel during their placements.


We are happy to ask the clinics we work with if they have space for you for the time that you want to come volunteer. Keep in mind that 1) clinics do like volunteers to have prior medical experience, 2) often the clinics do not know what their need will be very far in advanced. If you are interested in Medical Volunteering we recommend you contact us and also send an email to the following people for more questions you may have:


Dr. Kway at St Elizabeth's Hospital:  

Dr. Patalia at the Shree Hindu Union Charitable Health Centre:


Legal Aid Placements


Volunteers who have stayed at the hostel have recommended doing legal aid work at Awlahuric. They don't have a website of their own, but this website has details about the project:


If you are interested in this project you should contact Martha Lyimo:



Ujamaa Hostel is always adding new projects...

so if can't find what you're looking for here, send us an email and we'll do our best to find the right project for you!