Become an Ujamaa Out of Country Ambassador

Being an Ujamaa Out of Country Ambassador is a fun, enriching and valuable way to help others and make the world a better place. The work tasks are very open for your own ideas and implementations and you can dedicate more or less time to the job depending on how your everyday life looks. As an ambassador you will be working for free and it is not reasonable to do it full time. We tolerate no misuse of funds raised in the purpose of donation and we take this matter very seriously! 

Who do we seek?

You are passionate about making a change in this world and willing to dedicate some of your spare time for this cause. You communicate well with others and do not have a problem with talking in front of people. You enjoy planning, organizing and being in charge of projects. You are self disciplined and make things happen without procrastinating. You have ideas of your own and see possibilities.

What does an Ujamaa Out of Country ambassador do?

-As an ambassador for Ujamaa Volunteer Experience you will be planning, organizing and putting to action fund raising projects in you local community.

-You will visit appropriate schools, organizations, clubs etc. in your local community where you inform and encourage others to come and do volunteer work or fund raise.

There are countless ways to do these tasks. Use your personal skills, interests and contacts to put together fund raising projects and presentations. Combine your passion for helping others with your other personal passions. Take help from your family and friends and enjoy the work while helping others!

Benefits of being an Ujamaa Out of Country Ambassador 

-You will receive a recommendation letter with a description of work tasks and personal achievement to attach to your CV references.

-You get a discount on accommodation at Ujamaa Hostel.

Tell us who you are and why you want to become an Ujamaa Out of Country Ambassador!