Medical/Care-Giving Projects

The fifth Millenium Development Goal for Tanzania states; Improve maternal health. Nevertheless, it remains a challenge to reach the targeted maternal mortality level (UNDP, 2012). The National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty II reports that it is crucial to improve the health service delivery system and that there is a shortage of health professionals in the country, even though the increased enrollment in medical schools (NSGRP II, 2010).


Medical placements

Ujamaa Volunteer Experience partners with several hospitals and medical centers including flying medical service that accept volunteers. We are happy to contact the medical placements in advance to see where there will be an open placement for a volunteer/volunteers. Depending on the volunteer’s interests and areas of expertise we will, together with the hospital personnel, try to find a suitable placement for him/her.

As a medical volunteer you will be working Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm (there will be a lunch break). To be able to volunteer at a medical centre or hospital you must be able to send us grades from medical studies and/or recognition of previous medical experience.

Volunteer Opportunities:

-Work alongside nurses

-Work alongside doctors



*** Fee: $100-$150USD ***