Kiwahili Courses

It’s worth learning some Kiswahili if you’re staying more than two weeks in Tanzania. Especially if you’re a volunteer! At Ujamaa Hostel we offer courses for long- and short-term travellers. We tailor the longer courses after your preferences. You can choose to take a private course or get together with a group. Length of sessions, sessions per week and other details will be decided together with the teacher. Hence volunteers do not have to worry about any interruption of their work schedules.


Private courses and groups under 4 people: 10 000 Tsh/person/hour

Groups of 4 or more: 7 500 Tsh/person/hour


Survival course

If you’re staying for a shorter period you may still want to be able to greet people and get around on your own in town. The survival Kiswahili course includes;



-Taking taxis and other transportation

-Order in restaurants

This course runs over a two week period and includes 6 sessions.


Longer courses

If you’re staying in Tanzania for a longer period you can take a longer Kiswahili course. The course will be tailored after your preferences. You can take a private course or get together with a group. Depending on how much time you have or how fast you would like to learn we offer;

-2 sessions per week

-3 sessions per week

We take into consideration you level of previous knowledge and you can chose to start at;

-Beginners level

-Intermediate level